Our children can teach us many things. A brief moment watching my son Henry, aged 5, changed my entire day.

Henry came into my room at 7.30pm waving a sparkly piece of paper under my nose. The smell of fresh glue. I wasn’t even awake. ‘Mummy, mummy, happy Valentines!’

I got up to Saxon, aged 6, waving his piece of art, ‘Happy Valentines Mummy, this is a beast, and it’s here to save you from the dragons…’

Today is exercise day. I pulled on my workout gear. I mostly do my session straight after the school run, 2 or 3 days a week, before I am showered and ready for the day. I planned to do a youtube video today.

Breakfasts, packed lunches, boys dressed, teeth, tea…shoes on, out the door. It never went this smooth.

On arriving at the school it had started to rain. Henry had unzipped and removed the hood from his coat last time he wore it, so he pulled on my wooly hat, bright pink. Cute. As we approached the kids starting to line up, I saw other mums and Dads with their umbrellas, trying to keep their kids out of the rain, standing under any little overhang to protect themselves from the increasing downpour. I had a hood on and I pulled it up over my wooly hat, which I had put on to cover up my bed head, no time for hair in the morning! Henry stood in the middle of the courtyard. A couple of the Mums and Dads who knew him, called out, ‘Henry, you’ll get wet!’.

Henry stood still, looking up at the rain. A moment in time passed. It was like he hadn’t heard them. It was like he was seeing and feeling rain for the first time. I said nothing. I felt the gazes of other parents, seeing me allow my son to get soaking wet before he started his day at school.

Henry was embracing the rain.

It made me realize that we dislike the rain because that’s what everyone does. We learn to think that rain is bad and sun is good. Rain makes us sad. Rain makes us uncomfortable. Rain makes us angry. Rain makes us wet. Being wet from the rain is bad.

It rains a lot.

I left Henry to enjoy the rain until the bell went. Without even turning to look for me, he went to his line-up and followed the rest of the kids into the school. Again, it never went this smooth.

I watched both my boys go into the school, then left for home, thinking about my exercise session. Then, without another thought, I began to jog. ‘Be like Henry’, I thought.

Like henry, I embraced the rain. I kept on jogging, feeling the drops on my face. It didn’t take long for my body to warm up, and it was soon before I was thankful for the rain cooling me down. I started off dodging the puddles, but then accidentally I ran into a big one, the cool refreshing water soaking straight through my trainer then my socks. I appreciated it! After that I aimed at running into every puddle to get my feet wet!

Once you are wet, you just get wetter. You have to be wet, before feeling wetter is better.

Once you are fit, you just get fitter. You have to be fit before feeling fitter is better.

Thank you Henry, for teaching me to embrace the rain.

Henry enjoys the rain. Henry is 5. Be like henry.


Rachel is a group fitness specialist and personal trainer. She mostly works with plus size clients, helping them to increase their steps and gain more balance in their life.

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