My name is Rachel. I am a qualified group fitness instructor and Personal Trainer. I was initially trained in diet & fitness to help overweight and under active people reach their goals.
Although I am still very passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals, through a series of my own experiences, I have taken a different approach to food and dieting.
I took a look at the diet/fitness/holistic world. It appeared to me that there was only extreme measures there to get us healthy, ie, strict dieting, a real food or Paleo diet or extreme measures to reduce body size. The exercise classes available mostly appeared to be aimed at people who were already fit. Gym memberships made people feel they needed to achieve their goals before they even stepped in the door.
I have taken an approach from a more commonplace kind of perspective.
I hope this journey can help you and your families to become fitter, healthier and lead you to a life of enjoyment and fulfilment, just as I am finding it is for me.

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