Confessions of a plus size runner


I try to run twice a week. Try. Sometimes it’s only once. Sometimes I manage three but not very often. Do I like running? It’s a tough question really. While I am actually ‘doing it’ I guess no. It’s hard. What I do love is what it does for my body and mind. Without heart raising activity I am like a demented zombie. No, even worse than that.

I am a Mum of two very active busy boys, aged 5 and 4. Yep,  just 13 months apart in age. Call me crazy but they are adorable, which doesn’t make me any less crazy but it softens the blow a bit. Saxon, 5, started Kindergarten this year and Henry, 4, attends pre-school four mornings a week. We also have a Chinese student living with us, Tiffany. She is 15. Just writing it makes me think I am in even more crazy than I thought I was. You see, I run my own plus size fitness business in the Tricities, BC. My business is my 3rd baby and essentially needs around 30 hours a week of my time. Currently it gets nearer twenty but I am fairly focused on getting in my own workouts because without them I do not function. Period.

So, this morning is my morning to run.

I wake up to my alarm and first of all I think it’s Sunday and that I had forgotten to switch off my alarm. Must have been dreaming of it. No, it’s Thursday and it’s run day. But first I have to do the work of a Mum and get my kids ready for school and ensure the student has her lunch box filled. Henry comes in ‘Mummy mummy, can I have trains on your laptop’ his favourite thing at the moment is watching real live freight train videos on Utube. ‘Mummy, Mummy, it’s morning time, look, it’s light, get up, getup, now Mummy’. I reach out to pat Daddy’s shoulder to let him know it’s his turn to get up with the boys (it’s only 10 minute difference but boy what a difference it makes being able to actually wake up before trying to hold a conversation with a full spirited 4 year old) then I remember he is away on business. I feel my heart go heavy but then remember, YES! He is home tonight!

So, up I get…and the day begins. The fun begins. The quarrels begin. The breakfast making begins. The demands begin. The noise begins. The love grows. The stress builds. One and a quarter hours later we are all strapped in the car ready for the 1 and a half hour school run.

At 9.45am I am sat in my car alone. I breath. I think of the untidy house, the to do list, my blog, my website that is in need of updating (in fact it’s so bad it’s almost broken, it’s been on the to do list for months), I think about my boys in their classrooms, the previous couple of hours, the fact that Henry never wants to put his shoes on. or his clothes. He never wants to eat his breakfast…or brush his teeth…or anything I ask for that matter. Trains. That’s all he wants. Ever. It’s one of those things that makes him even more adorable. Then I think about Saxon and the story we made up at bedtime last night. We did giggle. The way he uses the word purple in French but only that word. Everything else in English. French Kindergarten is slowly getting through. He’s the only one in his class who refuses to utter a word in French when he is actually at school, but when he gets home he like to tells us what French words he has learnt! My mind wanders further..Hub is home this afternoon…

I start the car.

I think of everything possible to remove the unavoidable fact from my mind that its time for a run. Every excuse is pushing it’s way out, forcing me not to think about it. I am too tired. I am too busy. I don’t feel like it. It hurts. It’s hard. It’s raining. It’s windy. I don’t have my stop watch. The leaves have fell and it’s too slippery. My shoes are too tight. My shoes are too loose. I don’t have my waist pack….

One minute I am going to run…the next I am not. I have the argument in my head over and over. Do it, I say out loud. Go home, I say in my head. Do some work, you can get ahead…

I stop the car randomly on Thermal Street, not far from home. I turn off the engine, zip up my jacket and grab my phone. Get out of the car. Get out now. Before you change your mind.

And I am off. No idea where I am going but it’s just 5K. 35 minutes and I will be back to my car. That’s just over half an hour. Not long really is it. I jog gently to the end of the street and turn left onto Como Lake Avenue. I look at the long stretch ahead of me that dips up and down along with the beautiful BC mountains. If I jog to the main crossroads that has to be 2K, I will cross the street and run back down on the other side.. 4K. That will do. Better than nothing. I am warming up but my legs don’t want to go. Come on, one foot in front of the other. I have started now, so I’ll finish. Think of the hot shower on my head in 45 minutes time. It’s even less than that if I am doing just 4K.

My Nike app can’t be working. It didn’t tell me when I got to 1K. Maybe I have no signal. Never mind, I know how far it is. I am good at judging distance. I’ll just keep going. Feeling a bit warmer. Feels a bit easier now. It’s not that hard at all, I am nearly at the crossroads already. ooh bit of a hill coming. slowly does it. OK, bring it down a bit otherwise you won’t make it. Then my app says 1KM. Huh? What? that has to be wrong. It’s got to be more than that!

So I cross the busy street and see a little trail going off into the woods. This looks interesting, let’s see where it takes me. I jog through the wood passing dog walkers, ankle biters, then when there is no one around I hear some random noises coming from the thick forest. Be just my luck if I came across a bear when I have no energy left to run. I have lived in BC for over 2 years and still not seen a bear. Finally the trail splits. hhhmmm, which way? I don’t want to go too far from the car, I’ll head right, 5 minutes later I am back on Como lake. Right by Thermal. Aghhh, that’s only 2K!!

So I head on up Como Lake the other way. Bit busy but the onlookers keep me running. Funny that, I always run faster where people can see me. I don’t want to look like a beginner. I want to look like a plus size marathon runner, or at least as though I am training for it. I can imagine the conversations in the cars. ‘Hey look at her run, good for her!’ versus ‘Awww, that looks really hard, keep going girl, at least you are trying!’

Finally my app says 3KM. Well over half way! I want to slow down but I also want 4K to come sooner. Decisions. Take it easy and take a bit longer? or push on and get it done? A driver stops at his driveway to let me pass on the pavement. I sprint by, making it look a breeze!

Off comes my jacket and I tie it around my waist. Feeling good. Really? Yes! I love running. It’s good for the soul. I am going to blog about this later. Then I lose myself in all the things I am going to write….

Red cheeked and a little sweaty, my app tells me I have hit 4KM. I am done. I can go back to the car…can’t I? May as well jog, save some time. In fact, if I just take this little street off here I can do a little more, 4.5KM would be good. That’s almost 5K.

I make it all the way to 5K. Back at my car, I stand on the side of the street to stretch. Feeling great. All done. Wow, now can I get on with my day.

10 minutes later the shower is over my head and the warm water is running down my body. The best feeling in the world ever.

Running is easy. What was all that fuss about?!


This blog was inspired by Body Exchange Licensor Louise Green. Here is the article link:

I’m A Plus Size Marathon Runner

Her website:


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