Move, move…and move!

I bet you knew this was coming didn’t you?

Well, now here is my little bit of enjoyment. I LOVE moving (I’m not talking about moving house, I have done that too many times for it to be enjoyable). Moving is what makes my body and mind work and tick. It brightens my days, fills my evenings and helps me to live my life. To the full. There is nothing that pleases me more than having a strong set of lungs, filling them up with fresh (BC) air, while taking in glorious views of the country side.
I know not everyone feels this way. When I was much younger I hated being active. It all seemed like too much hard work to me. That was until I learned a little more about it and what it could do for me (I will admit that probably one of my biggest motivations in those days was my quest to get skinny, but that was then). However, over the years as I got fitter I did begin to realize and understand the benefits and how it had a positive impact on my well being. The other thing was that when I exercised, regardless of whether I was dieting at that time or not, I would look and feel smaller and better.
What is it that stops you becoming more active? I mean, if I asked you what your hobby was and you said ‘cleaning windows’ and then I told you that was a great way to get fitter, you’d be pleased wouldn’t you? And your windows would be clean too! Well, cleaning windows is a form of activity. It causes movement, takes usually longer than just a few minutes and does more for you than watching TV (personally, I would far rather clean windows, but neither are favourite pastime’s of mine). Watching TV may be good for relaxing with a cuppa but that needs to be done after you have fulfilled your requirement to look after yourself. Your heart and lungs and other organs, bones, muscles, skin and other body parts also need attending to and need regular maintenance.

I know, I KNOW you have heard it all before, I hear you screaming at me!
But listen, this isn’t about dieting, this isn’t about looking good (although that’s a bonus) it’s about healthy you and learning to love and respect yourself. Your nails wouldn’t fall off if you didn’t get those gel layers added every other week, your hair won’t fall out if you don’t get it cut religiously every 8 weeks. BUT there is a very high chance that if you do not do some body maintenance it will give out, possibly to something serious. Is it not worth a regular trip to the ‘moving station’? I am not just talking about a check up!
Now, as I said before, it doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact, if it is too hard, that is totally counter productive. It does need to be as fun as cleaning windows though. You need to enjoy it and it’s benefits. If you live in a house with a mountain view then sell it and move somewhere where there isn’t one, so at least you have a reason to put some comfy shoes on and walk to the nearest mountain! So maybe that sounds over the top but you get my message, don’t just watch it from your window, (clean them!) get out there and live your life. What have you got to lose?

Energy in, energy out.

For the purpose of this section I am going to use the word energy. In our previous life, we measured energy using the word calories. I have never liked the use of the ‘C’ word, personally.

I feel this is one of the most important parts of my message.

There is a scientific fact. Energy in, energy out. Whatever the food or drink is, it has an energy value. If you don’t move enough to get rid of it, you’ll gain weight. Fact. This is not a dieting fact or rule, it is a scientific fact that we may not like but cannot change.

I hear you saying “Well, isn’t that just going back to the old diet message again?’

No. We are becoming aware of the true facts and not being fooled or tricked by the media and diet industry. We have to move to make us healthy. If we want to find our natural healthier body weight and reduce our size we need to expend more energy than we consume. Fact.
Lean muscle burns energy. The more we have the more effective our bodies are at burning. How do we gain more muscle? Doing weight bearing activity. If you haven’t moved much lately don’t worry, I’m not about to get you weight lifting! Your own body weight is fine to use as resistance.
We must start to give our bodies exactly what they need…and often.

No diet message here whatsoever.

I do hear people say “I really do hate exercise”. Then don’t do ‘exercise’. Find something you love that gets you moving. Make small changes and grow from there. There is a common thought that exercise is a temporary fix. Get active for life! Give yourself and your body the opportunity to get used to it, make it a challenge you love and stop resenting the thing that keeps you alive, in far more ways than you could possibly imagine. Activity is for life, not just for Christmas! Whatever your size, you can increase your fitness levels.

Take responsibility for yourself and do it for your health.


…and don’t forget to clean the windows regularly 🙂


Rachel xox

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